Blankenship Guilty of One Count… Misdemeanor Offense

The jury in the Blankenship trial after days of deliberation found him guilty of one misdemeanor offense of conspiring willfully to violate mine safety standards.  He was not held pending sentencing.  I don’t expect he will ever see a day in jail.  More from an excellent Ken Ward article in the Charleston Gazette Mail can be found by clicking here.

A federal jury on Thursday found former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship guilty of conspiring to willfully violate mine safety standards.

The jury found him not guilty of securities fraud and not guilty of making false statements in the wake of the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster. The count Blankenship was convicted of, conspiring, is a misdemeanor for which he could face up to one year in prison. He had faced up to 30 years in prison, if convicted on all counts. Blankenship was released on the conditions of his bond. His sentencing has tentatively been set for March 23, 2016.